Monday, January 9, 2012

More Christmas Cheer

Went for my dog walk today and it started off lovely. The City and various volunteers have been cleaning up all around so many areas are quite nice to walk in. Al Cleaver Park for one.

When I get to the bottom of the hill however, and the park comes to an end; the scene gets a bit uglier. The city just cleaned this walkway under Scott Road last week. The garbage was gone except for the broken glass that doesn't seem to get swept up. But it's a classic case of there's always more the next week. This collection of items was somewhat mysterious before I realize whoever had just spilled a small amount bit on their way to their destination.

Again, the leftovers of Christmas. A whole lot of plastic drinking cups, wrapping paper, rotting food, junk food wrapping, toy packaging and baby clothes.
Maybe not so smart to leave the list with everyone's names in the family.
More random items I walked past.

I'd drop the issue of the Bajwa signs if I ever stopped finding them. This is yet another one I hadn't seen before.

A matching set.

Behind the new Tim Horton's on Scott Road and 104 Ave.

I think this stuff has been here longer than the Tim Horton's.

The City of Surrey does have bylaws on Shopping Carts. They don't seem to be working.

This shopping cart buried under the vacuum cleaner and kitchen sink is still here.  One month has passed since I photographed it on Dec. 7th . Someone did take the kitchen sink and throw it on top of the cart and vacuum. I just don't have enough time in the day to report it all.  I've thought of reminding and asking the city again to please just follow my blog and try to clean up what I photograph.

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