Monday, January 2, 2012

Expecting Christmas

I went out for my dog walk yesterday expecting to find Christmas on the street.  By that I mean, broken old TV's and wrapping paper and toy packaging.
First I come across one of the chairs that started it all.  The city's reporting system on their website wouldn't let me report this dumped chair on this corner.. now only the pad is left. 

but wait... here's the chair.

A collection of items left on the property edge... how long should I wait before reporting this as dumping. Maybe they are saving it...

This empty lot has had a great variety of dumped goods over the last couple years... strange to me how you can build a new house and just overlook the mess just next door.  The picture doesn't do justice to the scattered items all over this property.

I've joined the Adopt-a-Street program. They provided me with plastic bags, pick-up tool and cotton gloves.  Doesn't really help with this kind of thing.  It's out of my designated area though, so maybe I just shouldn't care.

This area always has dumped stuff. Wonder how many countless times the city has come here to pick up crap.
Then I found it.  The pile I knew would be somewhere. Broken TV's, old shoes, Christmas paper, diaper box, toy packaging and Cheerios box.  And that's yesterday, still haven't even ventured out there today. Everyday it's more and more.

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