Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dumping, Fences and Fines

Many empty properties around have tried putting up fences to keep people from going on land which is empty. Perhaps they are hoping it will prevent people dumping. What I've found is that it just moves the mess to outside the fence. I ran across several properties today which are privately owned and must get dumped on often.

 I believe the city's policy is to make landowners clean it up, or they will fine them.  Now, if I was a property owner who just wanted to leave my land alone for a while, I would be quite upset at the fact that I was responsible for cleaning up other people's mess. After all what does the property owner have to do with it? They aren't dumping.  So... the city makes them clean it up and gives them one more reason not to keep undeveloped land. Which mean less green space, less trees, and more ugly fences with garbage on the perimeter.

This scene remains the same as when I photographed it on my walk on Dec 11. I think the city isn't cleaning it up because it's on private land. I afraid that if I call and report it again, they will add an ugly fence, which will then collect garbage. I also don't agree with them holding landowners always responsible and fining them, so what should I do? Call or not?

The paper dumping however, this should always be tracked down to who it is. Shouldn't be that hard, if they are too lazy to deliver, they are too lazy to go to far to dump them. I get tired of calling and reporting things all the time though. It could be a full time job. This ones at 121 Street and about 95/94 Ave.

There's a daycare on my way to the dog park. I don't think I need to make a witty comment.

The white chair you see over there has moved from the grass to the walkway. It's been a couple weeks since  I first photographed it on Dec.  11. Call me strange, but I find it interesting how garbage migrates.

Bajwa hasn't traveled very far. He's still hanging around LA Matheson.  I think he's setting a very bad example for the East Asian community and wonder if he realizes that.

So finally here's the exciting news.  I have registered and look forward to making better posters to share the news.

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