Monday, January 30, 2012

Another one just like the other one.

I don't know what Mr. Monopoly is cheering about. There's nothing fun or good about this.

More garbage striving to enter the ocean. 

The ditches along this stretch of 121 Street were partially cleaned up.  The identifying dumped household garbage I photographed the other day was gone. A shopping cart or two were gone, but the trash cans and one shopping cart remains. Those trash cans have been here since I photographed them on Dec. 12.
This pile is either larger than it was or it's a whole new pile ... hard to tell. The foamy stuff in the ditch doesn't look all that healthy for the environment either.

Not much talk around this water cooler on 103a Street anymore.

A whole stack of lids. 
Cars park all along this stretch of 103a Street. Apparently garbage parks there too.

The rain doesn't wash this mess away from Manson Canal. It's pretty much exactly as it was weeks ago. Same bottles still identifiable. 
This oil ooze at the junction of Manson Canal and Scott Road is now more obvious. I thought it was just a small temporary thing since I'd passed it a few other times and it didn't seem so bad.

Now it's a very visible oil slick flowing towards the canal.

Almost there. At the top of this photo is the canal.

Along 104 is this dump... close analysis will give you a good idea of what's going on.

Looks like Tim Horton's has some competition.

Seems to me this may be one of the sources of the dumped household trash I keep seeing, considering how much has been thrown over their back fence.  Sometimes I wonder if a whole lot of the garbage is coming from a very few people. One bad apple spoils the whole bunch.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

More of the same

Across from yesterday's post is another strip mall at 8363 128 Street with this special collection next to it.  The trash was quite spread and entangled in the shrubs.

It even made it into the trees.
This majestic old cedar in Cedar Hills was used as a dumping ground and deserves better.
ਕੈਨੈਡਾ ਨੂ ਸਾਫ਼ ਰਖੋ ਕੈਨੈਡਾ ਵਿਚ ਗੰਦ ਨਾ ਪਾਓ

I drove through to their exit at the back and was ushered out by another shopping cart. 

The roof tiles were dumped across from the Tile Shop. They probably sell floor tile, but  it was kinda ironic to be able to get them in the same shot. 

The land on the other side of the street is BC Hydro's and contains the true beginnings of Bear Creek. 

I wonder how many times this scene has been cleaned up. Countless I'm sure.

Why stuff a tree full of plastic?

When I went for my dog walk, I found the usual dump of local papers. Sometimes it's the Leader, sometimes its the Now.
I photographed this big mess on Dec. 11 but I never really clued into the fact that you can see LA Matheson Highschool from here.

There's a walkway leading to Scott Road. I imagine the kids use it daily, so there is kid generated trash here, but to be fair it can't compare to the trash dumped by the adults of the neighborhood.

Another example of how we are training the future to walk past trash and pay it no attention.

You can see there's been some attempt at cleanup, but the trash is so embedded in the dirt and weeds, I'm not sure what will remove it. There's dumped sofa and bin at the end. I'd like to know what the highschool kids think of this walk.

Further on my walk I see again this jug of used oil that has been sitting there for weeks now.
As has Bajwa.

There's a new cart.

And an old toy chair. And I'm tired of seeing more of the same over and over again.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Then and Now

Back on Dec 9th I photographed this scene at the corner of 128 Street and 88 Ave. This was one of the reasons I started this whole blog. I drove past this scene for weeks. First it was a clothing donation bin. Then  stuff started appearing around the base of it. Then the bin got vandalized and tipped over, and finally the bin was removed. But this is what remained. I finally called the city to find out what was up.
Someone was sent to clean it up, mostly.
Problem is, the usable items were gone, but garbage was left. 
A few weeks went by and then I saw a city worker cleaning up what was blatantly visible from the street.
Problem is, some things were left behind.
 On Dec 9th these speakers stood proudly in the weeds.

Now they have succumbed to the elements, or someone's boot. They have an old computer and monitor to keep them company though.

On Dec. 9th, Vikram Bajwa's litter in the same lot, included two signs left behind.

Now the signs are conspiring together. I have yet to inquire of the city how much Mr. Bajwa's fines are and when I can expect him to pick up all his signs. For a visual list of all the signs he left behind see my page Bajwa Litter  (Update: On April 19th the signs are still there as well as the other things.)

Back then on Dec. 9th, on the land in which Bear Creek makes it's beginning, next to 8452 128 Street, it was hard to capture the little bits of trash on camera. 

I did take a picture of the baby seat, someone out there is raising up a small litterer just like them. The trash didn't look like much back then, but I've noticed unattended garbage seems to have a way of reproducing.

Now, buckets and other debris have been added, so I stopped to see just how much there was. 
There is garbage all along the fence and then panes of broken glass and TV's, there's no way of getting it all in one picture. I didn't bother photographing all the garbage dumped behind this building which included broken furniture, panes of glass, construction debris.

Of course there was a shopping cart.

Again a natural area spoiled by garbage. This is where Bear Creek makes it's beginnings. We are trying so hard to clean up our waterways and reintroduce salmon, but if this is how it starts, what are the chances we'll be successful?
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