Monday, May 14, 2012

Beautiful blossoms over bundles

The crabapple trees are in bloom right now. At a property I drive by every school day on my way to Newton, a tree is blooming the most wonderful shade of pink.
This is one of those places where years have gone by and the same dumped stuff remains on the property. 

 If you check out this post of Dec. 9  and Jan. 4 you'll see these familiar bundles.

And the mattress that has been here since at least 2009.

This time of year the crabapple tree blossoms are just fantastic.

Don't want to focus too much on the garbage here.

I'm trying to focus on the fact that I get to enjoy the beautiful color each day the blossoms last.

I try to retain hope these trees will remain for years to come.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Never ending

My last post ended with "no-one has dumped anything on our corner yet this morning." But before the day  ended we heard the familiar sound of a bag being flung over the barrier.

I got a picture after my hubby moved it out of the tree and wildflower border we are growing. That day he picked up trash, my friend picked up trash, I picked up trash and at some point during the day the city came, picked up trash and weed whacked the barrier.

 Didn't help for long because the next night someone threw this to add to the mess. Worse yet, there was human excrement included and broken glass. A lovely way to start a Saturday morning.

I was just out wanting to take some nice pictures of my flowers as the early morning sun lit them up.
The weather was lovely though as I headed out for my dog walk later on. The view from the Scott Road Diversion is especially fine.
The Lions mountain peaks are beautiful this time of year with just the right amount of snow.
Did you spot the flaw in the beautiful scene? Every single time there's something to mar the picture. Someone often just throws random items out their car window here. This time a broken CD player.
 The smell of exhaust when there is lots of traffic on this hill is nauseating to me and makes my dog sneeze.
 Who is for making dandelions the official flower of Surrey? There sure are enough of them.
 Abandoned toy, the tow truck won't be by to pick up this one.
A picture for my 100 Rectangles page. 
January 9th I photographed the garbage you see in the background, now there's a couple mattresses, and some of the garbage has mysteriously disappeared, but not all of it. Strange.

The beaver pond area remains a trashy scene. Can you see the law chair hiding in the mud?

Further down stream they are busy paving paradise to put up parking lots. Not very much room left for nature here,  now there is a swath of black pavement and buildings instead of open land. This part of Surrey could be a green gem in the heart of Metro Vancouver, instead it will be a truck wasteland.

Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to keep picking up the never ending stream of trash on our corner as well. Someone has now tossed their Wendy's trash, so here I go to pick up litter again today. Never ending I tell you, it's never ending.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Walking to the Dog Park thoughts

My whole blog started because on my walks with my dog, I couldn't avoid the trash on the streets in my face every day. Even though the major streets and surface of the city are clean and green, the garbage constantly  lurks in every corner. Don't get out to walk or look too carefully if you want to avoid it. These are my random thoughts on yesterday's dog walk.

 Someone has a rat problem.

Trapped in Surrey
Which side are you on?

Broken TV glass is thick and sharp and bad for dog paws.

So many TVs

No relaxing here at LA Matheson.

Mattress and Lilac.

 Cigarette Butts to add toxins to our oceans and water.

Dumped TV didn't make it to the Return-It depot 2 blocks away.

Care for a lie down?

Horses longing to escape, wonder if the children do too?

Particle Board is evil.

Business Solutions recommends collecting garbage in front of your business. 

 Then shredding it with mowers. 

Years of garbage accumulated under this hacked hedge on 92 Ave.

Paper asks "What will you Do?"

So hard to capture on camera the mix of leaves and  garbage.

Much of it from the Mac's convenience store at the end of the street.

Dumped construction buckets everywhere are becoming prime mosquito breeding locations.

Yes,  Bajwa still remains, almost 6 months later.

Have you seen my Shopping for Trees page yet?

90 Ave consists of  fences, ditches, long term dumping and a neighbors that ignore it or contribute.

Maybe they are filling some ditches... they'll have to empty them first.

Neatly wrapped trash package.

Oil jug soon to be covered in grass. 

 Rubber boots and shoe.

The unwritten rule of Surrey "Dump on someone else's property at every opportunity."

Thankfully, the flowers are blooming at home and no-one has dumped anything on our corner yet this morning. Wonder what I'll see on today's walk.
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