Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dec. 11 - I went for a walk today...

I walked from Bosley's Pet Food, (thank you for the great price and good service)  to Jysk. I really didn't plan on collecting pictures today, I was just going Christmas shopping, but there it was.

Technically this isn't Surrey, it's North Delta, but it's still my neighborhood and a place I go.

Then I decided to go on a regular dog walk...
Yummy Fruit Cup

McDonald's again

Unidentified blue

Streetside Still Life.

Thank goodness we have Krispy Kreme now in Surrey!.

Shopping for trees

Tim Horton's

Old Milwaukee and the mountains way across the valley.

Still Life with Sandal
(This sandal was still here on February 24, I wish I had the time and energy to clean all the ditches and streets so I didn't have to pass by the same thing all the time)

Tunnel of Love.

Frosty Circle

It's not on my property, so I don't see it.

Some Beautiful Trees still left in Surrey.

Corner of Scott Road and 96 Avenue. "Road Sense. Slow down and keep your distance."

96 Ave.

My dog always wants to investigate the fast food wrappers. There's always broken glass and chicken bones to watch out for too.

This empty property has quite the collection of junk. Some has been there for a long long time.

9405 121 Street

Some is fairly recent.
Nice view.
(This garbage is still here on February 28)

The Ubiquitous Papers


Which way should I go?

This is all on the walking path that runs parallel to 123a Street and 122 St between 94 Ave to 92 Ave.

The only thing with any style at all.
2010, guess we know how this has been here.

Just one more Bajwa sign.  122b St. and 91a Ave.

Shopping for Trees.

Forest Still Life.  Forest at 122B off of 92 Ave.
(This was still here February 24)

Same forest at Kennedy Heights Park.
(This was gone soon after I took the picture.)

In front of the Dog Park on 90 Ave and about 122.
(This was still here Feb. 24)

My camera ran out of batteries right before I reached the Do Not Dump, Refuse!!! sign. (How many know what those words really mean?) Here's where a Keep Canada Clean sign might be more effective... I know this street gets a lot of dumping. Again I can't believe this post was just one simple walk and I didn't even take pictures of all the garbage. What's the solution?

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