Friday, December 9, 2011

Dec. 9 - I went for a walk and drive today...

I actually went for a drive first. Every day I drive my daughter to school from Cedar Hills to Newton. I almost always go down 128 Street and 76 Ave. Here's some things I see almost every day. Yes I did stop and walk to each of these locations to get these pictures....

Yet another dilapidated Surrey Redevelopment sign. 

Beautiful Frost

Tied up ever so carefully.

Even the protection has become trashy. (Update on this tree, it's fantastic in spring!)

If I ever met Mr. Bajwa, I'm afraid I'd give him a bit of a frosty reception.

Signs, signs, everywhere are signs.

Why do some businesses have free reign to leave trash out and about while others are so neat and tidy?

Cheery holiday garland festooning the shrubs.

Creekside at 8452 128 Street. I almost didn't notice the bundle of ubiquitous newspapers.

24 Hr. Reserved for Khalsa Mall. Lucky Mr. Bajwa

In back of the Grand Taj - nice view they have at 8388 128 Street. 
This is only a part of the trash heap that was here. Mind you it's around the dumpsters, so as a business owner it must be difficult if you want to keep your bin area clean.

Color and chaos at the corner of 128 St. and 88 Ave.

How long does a piece of drywall hang out streetside before someone picks it up?

Computer Monitor that has been there for over a month, maybe 2 or 3...

These pictures were taken all around the corner of 128 and 88.

 Bajwa for Mayor signs at 128 and 8930

On my regular dog walk I went to Robson Park. This fencing has become a familiar sight to me, again it keeps moving location, but you can see the blue dot under the tree where it originates.

It has a garbage can lid to keep it company under the tree.

Sadly, the creek isn't exactly pristine... but the ducks don't seem to mind, they were there too.
Hmmm, how long has this been here in this back alley do you think?

There's a regular stream of garbage all the way down 100 Ave to City Center. I didn't photograph it all.

Member what I said about it's never the last straw. As it turns out, it's never the last lid either.  

Do you think companies like Tim Horton's that turn out this plastic should take some responsibility? I do.

Aahhhh, a pleasant surprise. The small forest on 130 and 97 is clean! It must be thanks to volunteers who handle the garbage bin at the entrance.

If you are going to do graffiti, make it good graffiti, with some artistic merit. Please. This is pitiful.

It's never the last straw... ever.

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