Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dec. 8 - I went for a walk today...

I go on these walks every day, I've just never taken my camera. I know I walk past garbage daily, but even I'm a bit surprised when I look at these photos. And I'm not even trying, there's so much I haven't photographed. This picture is fairly unremarkable, except I've watched this particular bag of garbage for over a week now.

 It started out mostly in the middle of the street, got run over multiple times and now it's made it to the side. The bits are spreading wider and wider....

This chair has been on this corner for a few weeks now... 121 St and 98 Ave.
They say there is beauty in everything. I'm finding it hard to find the beauty here.

For Sale signs and Redevelopment signs seems to always come with garbage.
Red Leaf Crescent making Surrey better for all of us or are they just bringing in more people and more problems?

I made the mistake of looking over the edge of the ravine, and found the ubiquitous furniture I always see.

Christmas decorations in the trees. Oh wait, never mind.

Bed frame, jacket, mysterious black bag of who knows what.


I could do a whole post about the papers that get dumped.

Was someone saving this for later?

Just one more straw.
Another sink... this one at Al Cleaver park on 101 Ave and 118. Someone went to the trouble of walking 5 meters into the park and dumping it next to the park bench... Why?

New construction.
Happy Halloween, Happy Diwali!  These spent fireworks are everywhere. Thankfully they may disintegrate in the weather eventually.
These won't... I don't know what they are though.
I remember, do you remember?

That is the city's street sweeper. Trouble is that much of the garbage is off the edge of the street.

Seating for three available.

The circle decorations on Scott Road.

The train tracks were cleared of blackberries and this is what is left behind.

It's never the last straw.

Please keep in mind this post was one, not that long dog walk. Just take a look back at the crap I passed. Really look at it. Really...please just look at it.

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