Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dec. 7 - I went for a walk today

I went for a walk today in my neighborhood and took my camera this time... here's what I found.
Orange "safety" bags left behind by the city 2 summers ago. This particular one has been traveling a little further down the hill every day.

It's become increasingly difficult to tell the difference between the garbage and the "safety" bags.  Here we see the basics of surrey life. Takeout drink cup, empty liquor bottle and plastic food container.
(update - I called the city about it and they graciously removed most of the orange bags but the garbage is still patiently waiting. The city always does a good job in picking up when i call, but picking it up and erasing the symptom is not working to change the problem.)
A local bus stop, what do the people who live here think of this I wonder?
Single Family Lots, sounds good, especially since there is already a toy here...
and a shopping cart, and a cabinet.

Bump ahead indeed, are they referring to the carpet placed ever so carefully at the base of a sign, like that makes it any less litter.

Our local Cedar Hills Elementary School with a fine view of McDonald's in the foreground.

But wait there is more... candy wrappers and a cigarette but from months gone past.

Isn't it nice to watch and listen to the kids playing?

It's never the last straw... never. There is always one more.

The sign on this church says, "Jesus said, I am the light of the world."
Do you think Jesus would pick up garbage?

Here's outside our local High School... LA Matheson. 

I have to admit, there's less garbage around than there has been on other occasions.

I don't even know what to say about Mr. Bajwa... clean up your signs!!!
I hope this is not the Surrey you envisioned when you ran for Mayor?

India Day 2011 - Held on August 27, 2011. 
This sign sat upside down on the Scott Road sidewalk for months. I took it off the sidewalk and propped it up to see what it was.

I've been told to focus on the positive... It's awful hard to find when you go for a walk to get out in nature  and are hit in the eye over and over again with litter everywhere. This isn't even the all of the garbage pictures I took on this one walk... and most sad is it's happening all over the world at a much much greater rate. What's gonna happen when we are all buried in it? Thankfully the problem here in Canada is still small and easy to tackle and remedy.

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