Friday, December 16, 2011

Dec. 16 - I went for a walk today. . .

This is day 10 of picture taking around the places I go in Surrey. On my way back from dropping off my daughter at school, I thought I'd take one more close look at a few places I knew there was going to be garbage dumped.
But before I get there, a couple of random shopping carts I passed.

I have a hard time understanding scenes like this. Were they hoping someone would re-use their stuff? Now that it's been left out in the rain in the back alley no one wants it.

I stopped by a place I used to drive by on my way to a dog park.  This is a lovely stand of old trees. The ground used to be covered in blackberries.

 Now someone has scraped the ground with a bulldozer and exposed the ugliness that lay beneath.

Dilapidated Development Sign. I hope the trees will be allowed to survive.

You can't really see the oil slick very well that was flowing past this bucket.

This is one location I didn't really want to see up close. 89 and Scott Road. I should not be surprised anymore, but I am. The sheer amount of ugly trash. Absolutely everything mixed in.  That lovely modern building in the background is the Pacific Paper Group which I believe is where they print the local papers.

One lone tree trying to stand proud in the face of such disrespect for our land.

I went home with a a great sad feeling hanging over me. But I still had to walk my dog.

So I'm off and walking and the first thing I encounter is this.  People tell me the economy is bad, but hardly anyone is picking up cans and returning them for money. This is worth a whole 5 cents. What would happen if the government charged a 20 cent deposit? a dollar deposit?
This can also bothers me, because it might be that someone drinks and drives around my corner.

Behaviour Problems?  Yes, stopping your car on the corner and emptying all your trash onto the ground, this is a behaviour problem.

This is what I get on my corner on a regular basis. The white trash particularly stands out from a distance.

At Robson Park the scene has changed. It rained, so the previous garbage was washed downstream to the ocean and it's been replaced with new garbage.

There is a nice ravine near my house, I stopped going there because it was too depressing to see the garbage   and graffiti strewn all over this lovely natural area. This time it was pretty clean so I know someone has been through and cleaned up recently. See way at the bottom there, that's a stroller, it's been there for at least a year.

Still Life on Train Tracks.

It's never the last straw, ever. 

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