Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dec. 4 - I went for a walk today...

It was a beautiful sunny day.

Aren't the trees majestic?

The mountains were spectacular.
The view from this house must be stunning... Oh wait, the next picture is what they look over.

If you look up close you see all the garbage, if you can bring yourself to look beyond,  it's beautiful here in Surrey. I don't understand how people can just trash it.

Hurricane fencing can't protect the trees from the paint cans .

Shopping for Trees

Amarjit Nair. Views and garbage for sale.

Divided Plunger

A shopping cart and vacuum cleaner almost hidden by the blackberries.

Everything including the kitchen sink.

How dilapidated does a development sign have to get before it becomes litter?

Thank you Tim Hortons for making your cup lids dark brown so they blend in with nature.

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