Monday, December 12, 2011

Dec. 12 - I went for a walk today . . .

This time I was looking for the things I'd missed by driving a different way home from dropping off my daughter.

There are too many For Mayor Bajwa signs to include in this post. Please click here for my "Bajwa Litter" page that lists them all.

68 Ave and 132 St.  Just past ... Unwin Park.

I never know if this kind of thing is garbage waiting to be picked up or garbage dumped by someone. 128 St. and 64 Ave.

Across from Kanghura Village at 128 and 70?

All 5 previous pictures are in front of Kanghura Village Mall.

Guess what this is.

By the side of the entrance to Kwantlen college at 128 and 71?

To be fair, Bajwa is not the only one who has signs left out. However, his by far outnumber other candidates's signs of which I have only seen maybe 6 or 7 total.

School across from Kwantlen. I think this is the matching pillow to the couch cushion across the street.
About 128 St and 70 Ave.

This kind of thing happens all the time which is to be expected, the runaway plastic jugs. The more important question is how many days will it remain, and will it travel down the street.

128 St and about 70 Ave.

Outside Burger King on 88 Ave.

Signs outside Walmart. I want to know what the plan is to get rid of them.

90 Ave and 121 Street. Look a bit closer... what do you see?

Yes it was a coyote! It was getting up, doing it's morning stretches and surveying the layout of the land.

Where I ran out of batteries yesterday on 90 Ave.

So unfortunately I went a little further... and came across this scene. 
All these next pictures are from the same place.

It makes me sad when there is kids stuff. What are their kids learning?

All nicely wrapped up.

There really was a lot of stuff there. 90 Ave and 124 St.

Yet one more dillapedated development sign.

Almost Home

Shopping for Trees

Then I embarked on my dog walk later in the day and it was more of the same.

Shopping for Trees

By the tracks


Return visit to 101a and 121 Street. Just one more shopping cart added to the scene. Here's the other pictures of the property.

10192 121 Street

Across the street.

121 Street 
121 Street

Whose garbage could this be?  Maybe the businesses across the street?

121 Street and 103a Ave - Oil Slick and all.

Lots of garbage dumped at this site. Must be discouraging for the Legal Family who is trying to keep it tidy.

122 St and 102a Ave.

12186 103a 

122 Street and 102 Ave.

It's never the last straw, ever.

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