Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dec. 13 - I went for a drive today. . .

Just coming back from dropping my daughter off at school, I stopped to get the few things I missed first time through this drive.  Might as well be thorough at this point...
128 and dead end 76 Ave.
Debi Makhsoospuri - a 2009 concert poster.

It's all for the children you know.

broken pottery in a bag with a ripped up travel form

Shopping for Trees.
Where Mahood (Bear) Creek crosses 128 Street near 84 Ave.

McDonalds McCafe again.

The property at 128 and 88 Ave. Here's the original pictures.  I called the city about it, most items were picked up.  But now what? There's still the speakers and some garbage left. Not to mention more Bajwa signs and this HST one.

128 and 88

Shopping for Trees - this has been here 2 weeks now I think.

Not sure if this property owner called the city to pick this up or not. It's been there almost a month I think.

Random parking lot garbage at this next store.

2 days ago someone dumped this at the bus stop.  No-one picked it up yesterday.

Wonder if anyone will pick it up today. This pillow remained in it's place on the bench all day yesterday.
Don't store owners take responsibility for their sidewalks? 
I find that insane, not to pick up outside your own store.
(Update. Thankfully this was gone by this afternoon, wonder who picked it up and why they waited so long?)

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