Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dec. 14 - I walked to the dog park today...

When I go to the dog park, I have a choice which way I go, insanely I decided to go down Scott Road.
Before I even get  there though, there's just a few cups to walk by. 

Do I feel silly taking pictures of garbage on the road. Sure I do, but how else do you make a point?

Corner of Scott Road and 99 Ave.

Bus Stop at 99 and Scott Road. Part of this garbage was adult diapers, don't even want to think about if they were used or not.

This garbage is out of sight down in the ravine, but directly down from someone's back yard.  Someone in that house at some point decided this was a good idea.
The positive is I saw a crew working on the boulevard putting trees in while I took these pictures.
That's a good thing.

Too bad that charities can't even operate without problems.
Is it that the bin is full or someone was too lazy to put it in.

 North Delta across Scott Road. Pigeons and Free Delivery.

 Wendy's has a little piece of nature on the corner of their lot.
It was a breath of fresh air and very tidy.

Unfortunately it was right next to this property which needs a little cleanup.

This is a particularily unpleasant part of the walk. The sidewalk places you right on the edge of the road where passing trucks make dust, dirt, garbage or rain fly up at you. I long for the green boulevards the other areas of Surrey have.  Did you notice the vertical garbage? Broken signs of which there are many along this strip, I also don't know how many are to actual businesses or ones that are out of business.

This place always keeps very tidy. I wonder if this is their stuff or are they continually being dumped on?

Sign or garbage?

 The gentleman I met also walking through the forest said this must have been dumped last night. (For those of you not as familiar with this scene as I am as I see it all the time, this is stripped electrical cable. They have left behind the insulating plastic and stolen the copper wire from inside.)  Under this pile there were also black garbage bags full of who knows what.  I did notice some of the other garbage I had photographed before was gone.
This was two blue shopping carts before, now it's one cart with a TV.

 Think kids are doing this, this is very close to a high school.

It's made of cardboard, it could go in the recycling...

 Pile is expanding, shifting and shapeshifting since I was last here.

 It's never the last straw. These are sugar filled pixie straws though. They must be popular with the kids cause they are everywhere around the schools.

 At a property across from Cedar Hills elementary.

 Across from the school. Is is dumped or placed carefully?

When I walk my dog I have to watch the ground. This is broken glass - not good for dog paws.  I wish I could look up at the sky and trees, but I'm almost afraid to sometimes.

The last straw this time, just around the corner from home.


  1. Surrey was a toilet yesterday.
    Surrey is a toilet today.
    Surrey will be a toilet tomorrow.
    Can't wait to sell and get out of Surrey.

  2. I'm glad you have the knowledge you can move. We don't, we bought this house and meant to stay, my daughter is 10 and doesn't want to leave. It's a great place for location and has much potential. If we sell here, there isn't enough money to replace the land or the 100 year old apple tree and garden that we've put 20 years into. There is no where to go but out further without the SkyTrain, and the same problems will follow you out there. There is no need for Surrey to be this way. Public perception has changed even about smoking. Remember when everyone smoked. Now it's not socially acceptable. People can change with enough public pressure and information. Trash will eventually bury us and kill us if we don't change. Why not do it now while the problem in Canada is fairly easy to tackle.


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