Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Google Street View's Perspective.

It's rainy and dark in Surrey today, and my daughter is home sick from school, so I'm not taking any walks today, but I can do it virtually! Google maps and satelite pictures have changed the way we look at the world.  It's really interested to view your neighborhood through the internet window. Here's a bit of what I found.

I photographed this property on my walk on Dec. 9 

This is an image from Google Street View of this property. Note the Image Date of April 2009.

I photographed a pile of something.. mattress perhaps. In front of the blue car, see it, the same bundle. This is now Dec. 2011 - 2 years later.

More things have been dumped of course

What did the Sikh gentleman parking his truck next door think of me photographing this? The garbage was scattered right up to where he got out of his truck. Did no-one ever bother to report this mess? Is it considered "normal" to have garbage piled about in random places? It seems it must be a completely different world view and mind set which allows one to put up with garbage being left about for years.

You look at any empty land, out of the way ditch on Google Maps or the city's mapping system  and you will see a mess. The city cleans it up, it gets dumped on again. It's so obvious their strategies aren't working. Something has to change.

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