Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Flats

Down there is what I call the flats.  I avoided walking down there to the beaver pond and around the area for a long time, even though it really is one of the most beautiful views in the whole lower mainland. Why doesn't Surrey take advantage of this instead of filling it with industrial warehouses?

I checked and there's no obvious nails or glass here - but I never let him just walk freely. I'm always watching the ground to make sure there is nothing he may step on. Really though, you never know what's just below the surface.
I found this sign on the side of Scott Road. Someone was trying to make some kind of statement, not sure what though.

Animal Footprints. Not my dogs.

See this oil ooze everywhere around here, along with the orange iron oxide that is being squeezed out of the covered over peat bogs.

Dilapidated Development

Maybe someone should talk to the surveyors of this property about littering.

No left turn. A future entrance into Burger King.

One Tree
Pipes waiting for development.

Peter Pan and other childhood favorites.

Nothing has changed at the beaver pond. I have more pictures of it posted at The Beaver Pond Page.

I'm now going to shake loose my worries and enjoy Christmas.

Merry Christmas Everyone.
In the New Year I am going to continue to try to change things to Keep Canada Clean.
Thank you to all of you who commented and who continually clean up your neighborhoods. 

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