Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Flats

Down there is what I call the flats.  I avoided walking down there to the beaver pond and around the area for a long time, even though it really is one of the most beautiful views in the whole lower mainland. Why doesn't Surrey take advantage of this instead of filling it with industrial warehouses?

I checked and there's no obvious nails or glass here - but I never let him just walk freely. I'm always watching the ground to make sure there is nothing he may step on. Really though, you never know what's just below the surface.
I found this sign on the side of Scott Road. Someone was trying to make some kind of statement, not sure what though.

Animal Footprints. Not my dogs.

See this oil ooze everywhere around here, along with the orange iron oxide that is being squeezed out of the covered over peat bogs.

Dilapidated Development

Maybe someone should talk to the surveyors of this property about littering.

No left turn. A future entrance into Burger King.

One Tree
Pipes waiting for development.

Peter Pan and other childhood favorites.

Nothing has changed at the beaver pond. I have more pictures of it posted at The Beaver Pond Page.

I'm now going to shake loose my worries and enjoy Christmas.

Merry Christmas Everyone.
In the New Year I am going to continue to try to change things to Keep Canada Clean.
Thank you to all of you who commented and who continually clean up your neighborhoods. 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dec. 18 - I went for a walk today...

I set out on my walk today and decided to go somewhere I've been avoiding because I didn't want to see the mess.  There's a beaver pond just down at the bottom of the hill. Bet most people don't know that. I've even seen the beaver swimming past once.

Just a few of the things to pass by on the way.
They are building a new Burger King at the bottom of Scott Road Hill. I hope they spend time cleaning up their neighborhood.

There seems to be a bit of competition for space among the cups at the local bus stop. Just wait till Burger King cups gets added to this collection.

My house is up on top of that hill. How long do you think it will take for the first littter from here to hit my street? One hour? One afternoon? I bet it will be within the first day.
Surveryor, you seem to have left something behind.

Then I get here... Behind me is the beaver pond.

See the half circle of water in the background? There's cut saplings in there with the marks of beaver teeth. Try to ignore the broken toilet in the foreground.

This tree was felled by the beaver. Wonder if it will have to crawl all over the garbage heap to make use of the wood it's cut down.

A view from the edge of the pond back at the garbage (blue dot) and preloading of sand where the oil was oozing.

More garbage dumped in the area. Not a nice scene for the beaver, the National symbol of Canada.  There are more photos of this scene I took Dec. 20 on The Beaver Pond page.

A gap had opened up in the clouds over the mountains while I was on my walk. My camera does not do it justice, but the snow covered mountains were absolutely beautiful.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dec. 17 - I went for a walk today...

Streetside still life. Clockwise from the right, traffic thingy, metal bucket, bit of sign, white plastic bag, drink can. All probably recyclable.

I walked past the school. It's early Saturday morning and it's deserted. Christmas vacation has started so next week I'll be busy having fun with my daughter. 

I wish that the school had left their grounds clean so when we go over to play I didn't have to pick it up. 

They must have had a good time at their class Christmas parties. This fruit tray container was deposited over the fence into the bushes just steps outside the school grounds.

Followed closely by this. . .

and this...

The park is really pretty today. The parks department or someone picked up the garbage I photographed. Thank you.

Badly done graffiti again.  I wonder if the city considers this the park's jurisdiction. It is after all their outer fence. I've observed that it's really hard to graffiti shrubbery, perhaps there should be more greenery and less fences.
Festive snowmen.

New construction waste. It looks like a bomb went off in the pile. I'm not sure what happened. It was piled up last week.

A different kind of litter. Much more insidious.

But almost beautiful in a way.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Dec. 16 - I went for a walk today. . .

This is day 10 of picture taking around the places I go in Surrey. On my way back from dropping off my daughter at school, I thought I'd take one more close look at a few places I knew there was going to be garbage dumped.
But before I get there, a couple of random shopping carts I passed.

I have a hard time understanding scenes like this. Were they hoping someone would re-use their stuff? Now that it's been left out in the rain in the back alley no one wants it.

I stopped by a place I used to drive by on my way to a dog park.  This is a lovely stand of old trees. The ground used to be covered in blackberries.

 Now someone has scraped the ground with a bulldozer and exposed the ugliness that lay beneath.

Dilapidated Development Sign. I hope the trees will be allowed to survive.

You can't really see the oil slick very well that was flowing past this bucket.

This is one location I didn't really want to see up close. 89 and Scott Road. I should not be surprised anymore, but I am. The sheer amount of ugly trash. Absolutely everything mixed in.  That lovely modern building in the background is the Pacific Paper Group which I believe is where they print the local papers.

One lone tree trying to stand proud in the face of such disrespect for our land.

I went home with a a great sad feeling hanging over me. But I still had to walk my dog.

So I'm off and walking and the first thing I encounter is this.  People tell me the economy is bad, but hardly anyone is picking up cans and returning them for money. This is worth a whole 5 cents. What would happen if the government charged a 20 cent deposit? a dollar deposit?
This can also bothers me, because it might be that someone drinks and drives around my corner.

Behaviour Problems?  Yes, stopping your car on the corner and emptying all your trash onto the ground, this is a behaviour problem.

This is what I get on my corner on a regular basis. The white trash particularly stands out from a distance.

At Robson Park the scene has changed. It rained, so the previous garbage was washed downstream to the ocean and it's been replaced with new garbage.

There is a nice ravine near my house, I stopped going there because it was too depressing to see the garbage   and graffiti strewn all over this lovely natural area. This time it was pretty clean so I know someone has been through and cleaned up recently. See way at the bottom there, that's a stroller, it's been there for at least a year.

Still Life on Train Tracks.

It's never the last straw, ever. 
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