Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Plant Flowers not Garbage this summer

The corner of the street near our house has always been a magnet for garbage and dumping.

The street is adjacent to the SRY Rail Link train line and when we moved here 20 years ago the property next to the tracks was a tangle of blackberry vines, weeds and embedded garbage.

A few years ago we requested that the area be cleared of trash and blackberries and my family and I planted as many wildflower seeds as possible. The first year at what we call Side Track Park was magnificent with it's purple and white wallflowers.

Later on in the season there were foxgloves, columbines and more.

We made seed bird and volcanoes (seed bombs) which was a really fun project. Click here for more on that.

Last year the railroad came through and cleared all the small trees and underbrush trackside. They left behind clumps of dirt and bare bits where trees were yanked out unceremoniously. I took advantage of this and tossed foxglove seeds and honesty plant and whatever else I had on hand. 

I had forgotten all about it until I walked past recently and discovered the wonder of what had sprouted.

Click any of these pictures to see them larger. The variety of  whites and pinks of the foxgloves is great.

Yes we still have to pick up at least weekly (sometimes daily) to keep the trash from overwhelming the flowers. I do think that some people now think twice before throwing their trash onto the flowers.

Keep Canada Clean

Plant Flowers not Garbage this summer.
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